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Friend of NATbyJ @gxnjxn.sxh

Today we meet the fun and youthful friend of NATbyJ @gxnjxn.sxh from India. At NATbyJ, we felt she was a suitable partner because of her portrayal of a girl next door and carefree nature.

gxnjxn.sxh NATbyJ friends

Who are you?
I am Gunjan and I am a student and part time blogger
Who inspires you in life?
My dad inspires me to work hard in order to achieve a better and comfortable life for myself and my family.
What is your goal in life?
I dream to be psychologist in order to help people with mental disorders.
What does the term ‘Unpretentious’ mean to you?
It means impressing others by my talent and the way I present myself
What do you like about your NATbyJ watch?
My NATbyJ watch eepresents my style of being classy and sleek
What is the best outfit to go with your NATbyJ watch?
NATbyJ watches can be styled in many ways. It suits my casual or formal western clothes or even the traditional Indian Sari. It can go with anything❤

@gxnjxn.sxh chose the NATbyJ Unpretentious 0107 collection in baby pink leather strap which matches her young at heart personality. The timepiece also spots a leather embossed hour marker that is understated and suitable for lifestyle as a simple student.


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