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Friend of NATbyJ @sarah_parmeggiani

Beautiful @sarah_parmeggiani is wearing our NATbyJ Unpretentious 0102 Watch in Blue ❤


Who are you and what do you do?
I am Sarah and I’ve graduated in architecture and I work as a graphic designer. I’ve always been modelling since young and I’m also an influencer now.

Tell us what inspires you or who are your inspirations in life!
My aspiration is to become a professional graphic designer and to leave a mark in the world, like what Hey Reilly is doing in digital pop-art, he has a lot of works in the fashion industry with the biggest fashion brands..

Tell us about your dreams for the future!
I would like to improve my professional training and become "influential" also in my communication and graphic work.

What does 'there are no limits to who you want to be' mean to you?
I think that in life you can aspire to become what you want, you must just having the tenacity to pursue your dreams, just like in sports, you always must wanting to exceed your limits, without ever stopping.

What do you like about your NATbyJ watch?
I love my NatByJ watch because it is simple, its colors are those of the sea, that I love so much and it represents me for the purity of design and lines.

What is the best outfit to match your NATbyJ watch?
My watch is perfect if I wear it with light tones, jeans, shorts or leggings and t-shirt, jacket and shirt with skirt, I wear it especially during the day.


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