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Made with Love, Made with Care

At NATbyJ, We believe that quality timepiece doesn't have to be expensive. We work closely with our production partners and aim to produce high-quality timepiece for our lovely customers. 

Each NATbyJ watch collection is exclusively designed in our studio and made to wear, so you can style your look with the perfect timepiece each and every time. 

NATbyJ timepiece only requires a little love and attention from you - to keep it looking gorgeous!

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a blend of copper and silver alloys, to acheive a beautiful soft pinkish hue.

IP-Plated Rose Gold Watch

Plating is the process of adding a layer of Rose Gold onto the surface of another metal. Like any other plated pieces, the layer will naturally fade and loses its luster over time with normal wear. So it's important to take proper care of your beautiful plated rose gold timepiece.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a durable metal that does not tarnish or corrode and a great choice for those who have sensitive skin. However, like any other metals, stainless steel would also lose it's luster overtime when lack of care. 

Leather Strap

All NATbyJ are paired with genuine leather strap that can last a long time when properly handled with care.

Watch Care Tips

Your watch should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals - Always apply your perfume, cream and hair products first.
  • Avoid water, moist and oil - Remove your timepiece before engaging in any activities (exercising, washing your hands and showering) to maintain luster and prolong life.
  • Clean your timepiece - Use a soft dry cloth to gently clean any dirt and restore your timepiece's shine.
  • Store your timepiece safely - Always store your timepiece back  in the box it came in and a dry place.