Friend of NATbyJ @stylekrushblog

Beautiful @stylekrushblog is wearing our NATbyJ Unpretentious 0109 Watch in Brown

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Kalan Rush and I am a fashion influencer.

Tell us what inspires you or who are your inspirations in life?

I’m inspired by fashion and music.

Tell us about your dreams for the future?

My dream is to continue to grow a large following as an influencer.

What does ‘Unpretentious’ mean to you?

To me, Unpretentious means not trying to impress others with what I have. 

What do you like about your NATbyJ watch?

I love the simplistic style of my NATbyJ watch.

What is the best outfit to match your NATbyJ watch?

I can’t pick just one outfit to go with my watch because I feel like it looks pretty with so many!

What would you like to tell your followers (words of encouragement etc)?

Don’t give up on something you are passionate about!

What is your hobby?

My hobbies are exercising and creating content.


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