10 Best Mother's Day Gifts 2022

Want to show appreciation to your mother but don’t know what to buy her?
Here are 10 things you can consider buying!

1. Flowers

Flowers are a girl’s best friend. For Mother's Day, surprise your beloved mummy with pink carnations, known to represent a mother’s love! 🌷

2. Sephora Gift Cards

Has your mom been eyeing that lipstick or mascara? Help her to check out her wishlist with Sephora Gift Cards to get that Sulwhasoo and product and cheer her up!

Credit: Sulwhasoo

3. Hand Cream

Have you held your mother’s hand recently? Is her hand rough and dry from doing all the chores and cooking your meals? Show your gratitude with hand cream to moisturize her hands and warm her heart this Mother’s Day 💗


4. Perfume
Does your mom have a signature scent? If not, perfume is a good option for those moms that love scented products!
Credit: Chloe

5. NatbyJ Watch
Show how thankful you are with NatbyJ’s First Love Collection. Every mother deserves to be recognised for their love and effort in raising children and caring for their family.

With this timepiece, show your beloved mother that you encourage and acknowledge her effort and love in raising you.

NATbyJ First Love 0607 Watch

6. Home Slippers
Does she get blisters on her feet from the cleaning solution? Are her feet always cold at night?

Comfy and beautifully designed home slippers would make your mummy so happy!

Credit: AliExpress

7. OSIM UCozy

Does your mother always complain about her back aching and her stiff shoulders! A neck and shoulder massager would do the trick! OSIM’s UCozy was designed for support and target relief, perfect for your aging mother to use.

Credit: OSIM

8. Jewelry

Do necklaces and earrings make your mummy happy? Get her a charm bracelet from Pandora this Mother’s Day. An easy gift that you can buy her every subsequent Mother’s Day with wide variety of charms!

Credit: The Art of Pandora

9. A meal

Our mothers work so hard to provide us 3 meals a day, 7 times a week. This Mother’s Day, treat your mother to a nice meal instead! Enjoy having a good meal with her and show her how much you appreciate her.

10. Dyson Products

Your mother can’t bear to buy that expensive Dyson vacuum cleaner? It’s time to get it for her to ease her workload at home.

Credit: Gear Patrol

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