4 New Hobbies to Try in 2021

Due to the pandemic, many of us were required to work from home, and that means less time socializing with our friends and families in real life. The routine may get boring so why not pick up some new hobbies to improve ourselves and make the best out of this situation? Here are 4 new hobbies you can consider picking up in 2021!

1. Photography

Take this moment to enhance yourself by learning a new skill such as photography to capture all your perfect angles be it food, scenery, or even yourself! You can even explore the areas near you and take the perfect #OOTD pictures for your Instagram.

2. Hiking

Tired of staying at home? Go on a hiking trip to get some fresh air. Hiking helps improve your mental health as you are surrounded by nature and away from work, this can help cope with the stress.

3. Tarot Reading

This is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a unique skill to own. Take this time to pick up this new skill, call your girlfriends to hang out at your house and try reading for them!

4. Jewellery making

Take this opportunity to create your own jewellery and match it with other accessories and outfits! Our choice would be the NATbyJ Unpretentious Collection, its simple design goes well with any outfit and other pieces of jewellery!

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