5 Easy Tips for Your Bumble Profile Picture

Need fast and pro tips for getting a perfert match on Bumble before Valentine's Day? Here are 5 easy photo tips to get you match on Bumble:

1. Dress casual

Dress in clothes you would always wear and you don’t need to be super fancy - but please don’t wear your PJs!

2. Accessories yourself

Show them your personality and add a little bit of sparkle to catch their attention - we would highly recommend NATbyJ Dazzle Collection.

The beautiful collection features a sparkling crystal dust dial that will brighten up their outfit and is available in 4 different colours!

3. Solo photos

On Bumble, you’re only allowed to upload 6 pictures, please don’t upload 5 group pictures. You’re going on a date, not your friends!

4. Include your furry friends and your fish as well

Who doesn't like furry friends? It might just do the trick of getting you matched! Furry friends are also a good conversation starter and there are endless topics about pets!

5. Show your face

Please don’t wear your mask and take pictures - show your beautiful face!


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By NATbyJ - www.natbyj.com
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