5 Lovely Things to do (Buy) for Someone

Missing someone special during this pandemic season? Here are 5 lovely things you can do (or buy) for someone who’s struggling through this pandemic and put a smile on their face.

1. Check On Your Friends

During these tough times, many people are struggling both mentally and physically. You can check in on them every couple of days, by sending them a simple and caring message like “How’s your day?”. It will make someone feel supported and loved.

2. Lush Bath Bombs

There’s nothing as satisfying as soaking in the hot tub at the end of the day. Not only so, bath bombs can make it a whole lot more relaxing because they’re packed with essential oils, relaxing scents and gorgeous colours swirling around you.

Our Top Picks for Lush Bath Bombs are:
● Sex Bomb
● Dragon’s Egg
● Magic Rabbit
● Intergalactic

3. Hand Sanitizers from Bath & Body Works

Washing hands and using hand sanitizer are both an effective way to prevent Covid-19, especially when you are outside, a pocket size hand sanitizer will come in handy. We absolutely love Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Hand Sanitizers to hang on our bags, plus they look super cute!

4. Quarantine Care Package (aka Goodie Bags)

Like a Period Care Package where it would contain essentials items like sanitary pads to chocolates or fun items, you can create a quarantine care package! Include items that can be easily found in your supermarket such as Twining tea, Torres black truffle chips, or Reese’s peanut butter cups. If you have any available games at home like Monopoly, Janga and UNO you can always lend or exchange games with your friends.

5. Post Quarantine Gift

There’s no better way to celebrate Post-Quarantine than surprising them with gifts! Our favorite gifts to purchase are clothes and accessories, as it will definitely help to boost their confidence and lift the overall mood. Like NATbyJ Freedom 0703 collection in blue, it symbolizes greater confidence and a carefree spirit. It reminds you to feel calm and free.


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