5 Types of Gifts For Different Personality



Everyone has different personality traits but that makes all of us special and unique. The things we have are indicative of our personality and here are 5 gifts you can consider getting for your friends with different traits!

1. The Organized One - Label Maker

A gift that can help you organize your clutter? A label maker is a must have in any household for your organized friend!

2. The Goal Oriented One - PowerSheets® Goal Planner

Powersheets by Lara Casey can help you figure out your big picture goals and help you stay on track! This is the perfect gift for someone who is goal oriented.

3. The Fashion Forward One - NATbyJ Timepiece

Let your outfits go wild like the beautiful embroidery on the delicate leather dial that creates a dreamy yet elegant vibe with the NATbyJ Dream Collection!

4. The Reserved One - Noise Cancelling Headphones

What’s the best way to minimise social interaction? Get your introverted friend a noise cancelling headphone for them to use to avoid talking to anyone.

5. The Imaginative One - Biography of A Body by Lizz Schumer

Looking for a book that is like a journey through the author’s mind? Do consider getting ‘Biography of A Body by Lizz Schumer’, a book that shows the development of a messy, flawed, imperfect human.

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