4 Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day

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1. Visit a bulk shop/wet market

Time to go plastic free! Shop for ingredients with no plastic at the wet market. You can also visit bulk shops with BYO (Bring Your Own) packaging concepts to save costs on packaging all while doing your part to reduce plastic use.

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2. Cook a package-free meal!

Time to put your shopping efforts to good use! Cook a nutritious and sumptuous meal like pasta or a big bowl of salad with your produce, all without the plastic packaging.

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3. Learn about composting and food waste

Did you accumulate food waste when preparing the meal? Not to fret, here are some ways to start your very own compost at home to make use of your food scraps.

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4. Make your own recycled paper notebook
Time for a fun activity that even the little ones can do! Homemade paper is a fun craft project to upcycle paper scraps and give them a new lease of life. Customise it with flowers or a little bit of colour for pretty designs!

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