Caring Twin - Gemini Duo

Does your birthday fall on the 21st of May – 20th of June? If it does, then this is the blog post you should read on because it is all for, and about you! Gemini – the Caring Twins, otherwise known as the expressive and quick-witted individuals are born around the second quarter of the year. Gemini represents two different personalities and there is no saying which one people would be dealing with. Albeit they are known to be social butterflies, always up for fun and parties, they are also one of the most serious group of individuals that would shock you with their seriousness when the situation requires them to be. Geminis are known to be gentle, affectionate and always hungry for knowledge. They are one of the stronger people around town, always genuine and unpretentious towards the people around them.


We admire passionate people with a strong caring heart because they are like gems in the society nowadays. The general concept of the Unpretentious is simple with no gimmicks and straight to the point, just exactly like how a Gemini would act. At NATbyJ, we want to encourage women to be freer and truer to themselves, more unpretentious.  Gemini is an element of Air, which is one of the most important elements out of the rest because it connects all the other elements together. Yellow is a Gemini’s lucky color and we have just the piece for our Gemini strong ladies, featuring the NatbyJ Unpretentious 0106. The simple white dial accompanied by a bright yellow strap reflects on the traits of a Gemini, a sunshine lady with all smiles.

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