Enjoy Quarantine with Your Friends

Miss hanging out with your friends? You’re not alone! Many of us lie in bed and gaze at the ceiling, wondering when quarantine will end. For a week, I mastered the art of doing nothing. Then I realized with all the time in the world, why not make the most out of this quarantine and hang out with friends virtually!


1. Create a Spa Day at Home

Missing your regular facial sessions? Then it’s definitely time to pamper yourself with your favourite face mask and spend your afternoon chit chatting in the comfort of your own home. If you want a fun spa, you could try with your friends over zoom!

2. Online Workout Class

It can be hard to be motivated to exercise, so find yourself a workout buddy and enjoy a happy-hour exercise! There are hundreds of fitness classes available online, here are some of our favourites (and they’re FREE on Youtube):

  • Want to get hype up and dance? Move with Colour (Dance)
  • Want to feel calm and relaxed? Boho Beautiful (Yoga/Meditation)
  • Want to train your core and improve your cardio? ClassPass (Workout)

3. Play Games - Houseparty App

Houseparty is similar to other video chat apps like Zoom or Google Hangout. However, Houseparty comes with built-in games which means you can play with your friends in your “party room”. Go download the app, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy game-night!

Now there are plenty of things to try, so stop wasting your quarantine time and MAKE EACH DAY YOUR MASTERPIECE. The NATbyJ Dazzle Collection is here to inspire you to make full use of each day and have fun!

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