Getting personal with Elena, NATbyJ's first model

In our final post about Elena, she continues to inspire us at NATbyJ. The story of NATbyJ is inspired by the experiences of the designer growing up as well as her family influences. Today we get personal and find out about Elena’s growing up days that have shaped her to who she is today. Each one of us has a unique story that forms our personality and character.


  1. Tell us about yourself growing up?

I was a nerd in school. I always strived for the best results and would cry if I did badly. One of my keys achievements growing up was ballroom dancing and I took part in many competitions. I started in ballroom dancing because my parents signed me up for it and I did well. I excelled in it and loved it. I had a very good partner but as I grew older, I grew taller and had to find a new partner. Eventually I had to stop because I struggled to find a good partner.


Elena modelling for NATbyJ


  1. Tell us about the memories you have with your siblings?

I have an older brother who is 3 years older than me. I have a good relationship with him and one of my fondest memory I had was when we travelled to London together on a school trip.  One of the craziest memory was when we tried making a caramel at home and made a mess! The whole place was so sticky and we could not clean up the mess! So we tried to hide the pan from my mother.


  1. What is your relationship with your parents like?

I have a very traditional relationship with my parents. Respect is important where as a daughter growing up, I would listen to their instructions and advice.  But as I grow older, the relationship has moved more towards a friendship.

 OZERO Swimwear by Elena

(Photo of Elena modelling in Ozero Swimwear)


  1. Tell me something that people do not know about you?

I am very shy. However, I find the courage in front of the camera when I model and this is probably due to my training as a ballroom dancer.  


  1. What is your personal dream for the future?

I hope to have a family in the future.




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