How Does Bumble Work


What’s a Bumble App?

Bumble is made for all kinds of connections, from finding your other half to connecting with people for a career change! Bumble app uses your mobile location and shows users who are located near you. Most importantly, Bumble makes it safer and more inclusives such as no pictures in bikinis, no kids on their own, no guns and to respect one another - Bumble is also LGBTQ+ friendly!

Who makes the first move on Bumble?

On Bumble, ladies get the upper-hand to make the first move and this is to encourage equality from the start - Yay for Girl Power!

The rule of the game is similar to Tinder, you swipe right to show interest and left to pass. When both users swipe right, it’s a match and the lady must send a message to start a conversation. You will be given a 24-hour window where both parties must respond otherwise Bumble would break the match when it expires!

How to use Bumble?

Once you have created your Bumble account, you should start beautifying your profile before swiping - Let's guide you step by step!

1. Profile Prompts

Want to show off who you are? Bumble profile prompts are a list of interesting questions that show how fun and creative you are!

Bumble profile prompt answers:

  • I’m hoping you...are witty
  • I’m still not I’ve not travelled at all in 2020
  • A review by a friend: Proceed with caution because he has issues. Really x1000 nice guy but tons of issues
  • The quickest way to my heart open wound

2. About Me
Cannot seem to find the right questions under prompts? Use this little corner and make your short speech - please avoid being too cliché and no arrogant answers because that’s a big turn off!

About our dating profile ideas:
● Be Real Be Yourself and don’t create a life of imagination
● Ask your friends for help, they see the real you!

3. My Basic Info
Are you a fitness junkie? Love reading astrology compatibility charts when choosing a partner? Love dogs? Basic Info badges feature a series of questions for you to answer, the badges will be shown in your Bumble profile and it will definitely boost your chances of getting a match!

Types of basic info badge questions:
  • Height
  • Drinking
  • Star Sign

4. Linked Accounts
If having 6 profile pictures on Bumble isn't enough to show how much you love yourself or your dogs, you can connect your Instagram account to add your latest posts to your Bumble profile.

Love to karaoke while driving? Then please connect your Spotify account on Bumble - you don’t want to blast music your boyfriend hates!

5. Profile Pictures

Do I have to explain how important a good profile picture is? Using eye-catching pictures will reflect your personality and character, this way you have already won half the battle of getting your mate’s attention.

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