NATbyJ Inspiring Story - Elena Cheurina

During our NATbyJ photoshoot, we managed to catch up with our model. Elena Cheurina, who continues to inspire us about her life. Today, NATbyJ wants to share about her inspiring journey empowering her life by becoming an entrepreneur! 

  1. Tell us more about why your started your business, Ozero Swimwear?

I have been modelling for many years now and I wanted to take my career and personal development to another level and started Ozero Swimwear. I launched the brand in July 2018 but started working on this business in 2016. I wanted to do something related to fashion but was different from others and hence I decided to focus on swimwear.  In addition, it was hard to find good quality boutique swimwear brands.

NATbyJ First Love collection Photoshoot side profile 1


  1. What is your inspiration for the designs behind Ozera Swimwear?

Having grown up in Russia, I craved for the sun and sand. In my job, I travel a lot and lived in different countries, I miss my home, Russia, therefore my designs are inspired by my growing up days during summer in Russia. My own taste is bright coloured, quirky and not overly sexy. I also love art, so the designs are also inspired by my favourite art pieces. I also love the outdoors which include hiking in nature and water sports such as wind surfing to recharge my mind.

 Ozero swimwear shot 2

(Photo from Ozero Swimwear)


  1. Who are your inspirations?

My family. They push and inspire me to do well.


  1. What are the challenges your faced starting your swimwear?

A lot of research was needed understand how to make swimwear. I had to source the right fabric from Italy and get the production going in Bali, Indonesia. Challenges include handling different cultures and sometimes I face delay in production.


  1. What do you hope for Ozero Swimwear?

I hope that my brand will grow bigger over the years and have my own shops in big cities around the world. I would also like to branch out into resort wear and accessories for the brand.


Find out more about Elena's growing up days in our next blogpost!



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