NATbyJ 2020 New Year's Resolution - Freedom with a Travel Bug

In our 3rd series of 2020 New Year's resolutions, at NATbyJ, we want to travel more and be carefree. Traveling has many benefits such as de-stressing from a hectic day to day grind. It helps to improve your social interaction skills and broadens your mind as you are exposed to different cultures. It helps to boost confidence and teaches you skills when you are faced with challenges during a travel. Most importantly, it helps you have fun and create a lifetime of memories!

NATbyJ Freedom 0701 watch collection lifestyle 127

At NATbyJ, the Freedom collection is a reminder of ‘You Only Live Once (YOLO)’. With the feathers floating in a carefree manner but integrated with the marble textured dial, the NATbyJ Freedom collection is a timepiece you should have if you are hit by the travel bug in 2020.

NATbyJ Freedom 0703 watch collection lifestyle 107

Are you a day dreamer? Do you have the travel bug? Book your next flight out now! Weekend is here = FREEDOM!

Life has so much in store for everyone. Make this year the year you reach all your goals. This year do it differently and let NATbyJ be part of your journey in 2020.

Check out our NATbyJ Freedom watch collection if you have a travel bug. Click here!

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