Part 1: The Best Dating Apps for Women

Whether you’re looking for your prince charming or just wanting to meet new friends at a cocktail bar or trendy cafe food, dating sites are created for connecting singles! And yes, there are tons of free dating apps to try but we don’t want you to feel burnout swiping right - Let us help you ladies to find the best dating apps and with juicy insights!

1. Tinder
Tinder Apps are commonly used by people who just entered the dating world as it’s easy to navigate like the famous Tinder swipes right (or left) - simply means to like or pass! If both of you swipe right, it will result in a MATCH and the chatroom would be open. When you think he’s your prince charming and want him to know just SUPER LIKE! What’s more you can get a first-class dating experience (aka unlocking all the features) when you upgrade to Tinder Platinum.

Tinder is the best place to find cheesy Tinder pick-up lines or boys who take pictures with their adorable animals to bait you with a tinder bio: swipe right to meet my dog! And it’s definitely a great conversation starter that would spark your interests.

Rating: 7/10 (Tinder is great to meet people with a fast swipe, however most people don’t put much about themselves on their profile bio)

We get to first hand experience with funny Tinder bios that 100% have our attention:
  • If life gives you melons you might be dyslexic
  • Without you my love, 60 minutes feels like an hour
  • Swipe right if you have a Disney+ membership
  • Recommend me a good Netflix show?
  • Also I really need to find someone to use rediscover vouchers with. It’s gonna expire soon

2. Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)
Love a coffee and bagel date? This might be the app for you! How does this work? Just like a brunch buffet, everyday at noon the CMB app will curate a custom ‘menu’ of people that might interest you based on your preferences. Similar to Tinder, CMB users will “like” or “pass” on a bagel’s profile (anti-swiping app).

The plus point about CMB is users can send a first message along with their “like” which will increase their chance of matching by 25% - how wonderful is that! Moreover, the CMB is designed for ladies who love to learn more about their bagels through the 3 profile questions of I am, I like and I appreciate when my date. So what are you waiting for? Go find your ideal bagel now!

Rating: 8/10 (CMB app algorithm is surprisingly good and with their 3 profile questions. We get to know our potential bagels better and is a great conversation starter)

Interesting “I am...” statements:
  • I am not great at this
  • I am never without my Netflix
What “I appreciate when my date…” statements:
  • I appreciate when my date has an excellent sense of directions.
  • I appreciate when my date asks themselves in the water what a warrior would do.

3. OkCupid
If you love answering questionnaires, this app will fulfil your wishes! For OkCupid to work its magic of finding your potential soulmate, you will need to answer an endless series of questions (15 to 4000+ questions) then the answer will be used to gauge the percentage of compatibility.

What sets OkCupid apart is their endless interesting questions and the ability to send an introductory message without the need of matching on both ends. Unfortunately, the quality bios and serious relationships are very low as most of them are out Hookups. So, if you’re finding a serious and long-term relationship partner, this isn’t the best dating site for you!

Rating: 5/10 (Is answering those OkCupid questions really necessary? Can we find our soulmates? Because we are having difficulty finding a chatting buddy...)

3 out of 4000 types of OkCupid questions are:
  • Is an astrological sign important in a match?
  • Could you date someone who was messy?
  • Would you rather go to Kopitiam or a cocktail bar on a first date?

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