Pinky October!

There are many colored ribbons in Singapore and each color represents a different cause to support. Orange for racial harmony, Silver for mental health, Yellow for giving ex-offenders a chance, Red for HIV patients or people living with them, Green and White for no Drug abuse, and many more! But the color we’re going to touch on today is the Pink ribbon. The Pink ribbon is the international symbol that represents hope and awareness for breast cancer. This international event is typically in the month of October and wearing a pink ribbon shows our support for people who are going through or survived breast cancer while contributing monetarily to this community.

One of the typical ways to highlight this is through the Pink Ribbon Walk held in various cities. Show your support by decking in pink, wear a pair of comfortable shoes and do not forget to grab that Pink Ribbon pin.

While showing your support, take a piece of NATbyJ with you on your wrist! With our NATbyJ Unpretentious 0107 Watch Collection, you will look even better while pledging your support towards the campaign! The NATbyJ 0107 Watch is a minimalist watch that has embossed hour markers on a white leather dial, completed with pink genuine leather strap with white stitching. The ‘pink-ier’ you are, the louder it shows your support and enthusiasm towards the Pink Ribbon month!

We want to let everyone out there know that they’re not alone. If you’re a breast cancer patient, hang on tight because every cloud has a silver lining. Just have faith and everything will turn out to be well eventually!

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