Rejoice, Libras!

Libra – The Measure of Our Souls, are advocates of peace and justice, and loves being around people. Partnership and companionship appear to be one of the most important things to Libras as it gives them the opportunity to be the mirror to themselves. For everything that they do, Libras are constantly looking for balance in life because they believe that too much of one thing can lead to the downfall of another. Libras absolutely hates violence and is all about staying true to themselves, avoiding conflicts and maintaining peace wherever whenever. The Ruler of Libras is Venus, and the dominance of the feminine is best conveyed through Venus where all matter and home planet is connected. It has the tendency to find beauty in hardship, and fine balance in relationships between people. There is no better watch to match with a Libra’s character than our NATbyJ Dazzle 0207 Collection!


Libras’ designated lucky color is pink, and our 0207 here is a simple yet dazzling timepiece. The dial is designed with sparkling crystal dust, with an eye-catching pink hibiscus flower imprinted on it, and finally paired with a light pink genuine leather strap. With this light shade of pink showing the peaceful and gracious side of a Libra, there is no other timepiece that would resonate and complement a Libra better than this.

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