Strong and Free; Pink Ribbon Month

The Pink Ribbon campaign is a big global movement that is supported by many from all around the world. Breast cancer is something that comes without the knowledge of people and when it hits, it turns lives upside down. Based on statistics, 1 out of 8 women in the America would be diagnosed with breast cancer with the average age of diagnosis being 61. Different countries have come up with different campaigns to support the movement. One of the past successful events done in Pink Ribbon month is a collaboration between breast cancer survivors and NASCAR Xfinity series drivers. They come together to paint the Charlotte Motor Speedway’s pit wall pink.

There are also many other groups out there that support the breast cancer patients. From walks and runs, to non-profit groups like Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) and the Young Survival Coalition. Asides from hosting large scale events and joining non-profit groups, there has also been a lot of initiatives that is carried out in hope to support the cause of the movement.

In Pink Ribbon month, just by decking yourself up in pink shows immense support to breast cancer patients and that is how you show people that you care of those affected and for the cause. Start wearing pinks out, preferably pink top or dresses. When you go out decked in pink, it will gain other people’s attention and they may start doing the same thing to support this cause.

We want every woman, breast cancer patient and their loved ones to feel empowered and strong. This is why here at NATbyJ, we are strong advocates of being free and empowered! Dress up however you like, go on full pink, go wild with your pink outfit ideas. But lastly, don’t forget to throw on a trusty watch that could walk the journey with you.

There is no better piece than the NATbyJ Freedom 0707 Watch Collection to go with your outfit this Pink Ribbon month. It is a watch that shouts freedom, with a unique pink marble-effect dial with a light flowing feather imprinted on it. It suggests freedom, and unrestricted just like a feather floating in the skies. Not only does it have a pink marble dial, it is also completed with a pink genuine leather strap that would go match-y with your pink outfit this October’s Pink Ribbon month!

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