Style with NATbyJ for Winter Days in Madrid

End of the year months like November and December are the most popular for people to travel since it is the holiday period. For countries like Madrid which lies in the Northern Hemisphere, temperature starts dipping in November and Winter starts at the end of December and this is the winter solstice, day of the year with shortest duration of daylight. In this period of time, what can you do in Madrid? What is so mesmerizing about Madrid that calls out to people to visit it? Let us share with you some beauties of Madrid.

Madrid, being Spain’s central capital city full of elegant boulevards and manicured parks like the famous Buen Retiro. Most tourists who visits Madrid would definitely not want to miss out on the Prado, one of the best and most popular art museums were collection of masterpieces by renaissance and baroque masters gather! After a long day at the Prado, tourists can choose to head to the Retiro, Madrid’s green and elegant garden where it is only a few steps east of the Prado! Here’s a fun fact, the Retiro was a royal property up till the end of the 19th century when it opened up to the public! It is a place perfect for photo taking with the beautiful greens, gardens and pond all around in one area. When covered with snow all around, it will look even more picturesque as the snow field would give off a very ‘fantasy’ feeling. How would you then dress up appropriately to visit both attractions of the country? Let NATbyJ help you out on this one!

In the Winter of Madrid, where temperature would range from 3 Degree to 12 Degree in the months December to February, you want to make sure that you dress up and wear thick layers to keep yourself warm! But many people question: “how can you wear so many layers and still look cute?” While it is true that it is not an easy feat to look cute while wearing so many thick sweaters, it is not impossible!


Sometimes, simplicity beats it all. People may think more of everything is good, but more is actually less! The basics of being in a country during winter is to keep yourself covered and we cannot do without jeans for sure. As for the top, you could wear a heat-tech to keep yourself warm, then throwing a pullover or oversized sweater for the cute girl next door vibe! If two layers isn’t enough to keep you warm, you could always bring along an extra shawl and leather jacket to put them on whenever wherever the temperature dips and you want to stay warm and cozy.

As many know, Europe is the fashion capital and when travelling to Europe, it is very important to stay well groomed as you wouldn’t want to look lame in a country filled with designers! Normally, it would be sufficient to end off the outfit with a pair of trusty sneakers for a simple casual look, but we want to look cute despite the layers. So, for this outfit, we would pair it with a thigh high boots or ankle high boots! Firstly, it ensures that your calves stay covered as the boots would overlap with the jeans. Secondly, the extra heel at the back would bring out the lady in you and you would look good and fashionable wherever you go.


Adding on to the look, we would want to carry a bag that is small but also big enough to hold your necessities like money, phone and keys. Too big of a bag and you will look tacky, too small of a bag it will be useless and not functional because it can barely hold any essentials. So, this bag above would be perfect for all the essentials you will need to bring around you! Not to mention it is in baby pink, it will only further elevate the look above and brings out the cuteness in you.

Lastly, we will never forget about the time and how important it is to carry around a watch with you. Introducing to you our NATbyJ Unpretentious 0105 Collection. This watch is designed with a minimalist concept in mind where the hour markers are embossed on a simple white dial on the watch. It is then completed with a brown genuine leather strap with stitching and an IP-plated rose gold plating. It is one of our classic looks and goes well with almost every look, also most suitable for daily use and wear. This would be a great addition to the winter look above as it isn’t particularly striking but is a piece of beautiful statement to have over your wrist.

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