Summer in New York City

New York, the most populous city in the United States with its core in Manhattan, it is a city with world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers! Not to mention the iconic skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and the beautiful Central Park that lies in the city. Most tourists wouldn’t want to miss out on the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York where human creativity is portrayed at its best. There is also the famous Brooklyn Bridge where travelers would snap their mandatory tourist shot there in front of the bridge! The Central Park is an urban park and the fifth largest park in NYC and is also the first landscaped public park in the United States, which explains why it draws so many travelers to the park annually! The park is a must visit if you’re around the area and would be a place perfect for photo taking with the beautiful greens, gardens and pond all around in one area. How would you, then dress up appropriately to visit both attractions of the country? Let NATbyJ help you with it!

In the Summer of New York City, where temperature ranges from 18 Degree Celsius to 29 Degree Celsius in the months June to August, it is no wonder that people would want to dress less, or in thinner clothing to keep themselves cool and not perspiring 24/7 of the time. However, what kind of outfit would look picture perfect, appropriate, while also keeping you most comfortable at the same time?



Off-shoulders are popular with a lot of youngsters nowadays due to how convenient it is as a one-piece. They have the ability to make a lady feel sexy, yet elegant and cute at the same time with its design and how versatile it is by nature. Summer reminds people of the sun, the beach, and a garden of florals and faunas. Many fashion brands are working with off-shoulders now due to how versatile it can be. With a white off-shoulder dress like the one above, you can go for a matching color turn-lock tote bag with strap, so you can have the choice of slinging it over your shoulder or holding it by your arms. This would give off a dainty feminine overall look.


 Wearing an off-shoulder means showing more skin on the upper body, and the upper body is where most accessories lies. Hence, for this look, it would be perfect to end off with a simple pearl choker. Everyone knows how a good pair of shoes can bring a woman to anywhere she wants to. For this look, it would be nice to pair it with a white strappy heel so that it keeps the casual yet classy look to this overall outfit.


If you’re looking to visit sacred places like Churches, you could bring a neutral coloured shawl around with you to throw it around your shoulders before entering the place. In this way, you can stay cute awhile still making sure that you dress appropriately to certain attractions in the country. Finally, while touring around the country, it can get very easy to lose track of time and this is where our NATbyJ Freedom 0706 comes in! It is not easy to find a timepiece that would complement an outfit without making the overall outfit tacky. But with this watch, not only will it do a perfect job of telling the time, it would also enhance your look, making you look cuter than you already are!  

The NATbyJ Freedom 0706 is a watch paired with a bright yellow genuine leather, with a feather imprinted on the dial of the watch. This watch has a unique yellow marble-effect on the dial, and it is bound to grasp the attention of many. For more details on the watch, click here to find out more!

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