Sunny Summer in London

Among the four seasons, it is known that Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, occurring after spring and just before fall! In London, Summer falls around June to September, it is warm and the peak travel time for the beautiful country with temperature ranging from 13 Degree Celsius to 23 Degree Celsius. When one thinks of London, many places of attraction would come to mind. Some such as, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace tour, the Madame Tussauds! The Shoreditch is also one of the trendier areas of London, where the liveliest nightlife spots take place in the city. It is a place full of bars and restaurants, making it a perfect place to end off a day or take a date to! There is also the popular Oxford Street, the busiest shopping street of London with over 300 shops from designer stores to internationally famous departmental stores and 500k visitors on a daily basis!

So, what would you wear to a city of fashion in the beautiful Summer? Summer would remind one of a bright sunny day. Hence, incorporating a bright yellow midi skirt with a white top would definitely strike the deal! Along with the outfit, you can choose to end off the outfit with a white trainer, neutral colored flats or heels and you would be well dressed enough for any location or shops. With the bright yellow skirt already making a statement, you could complete the outfit with a simple bag with plain details like the one below!

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A lady wouldn’t be complete without some accessories on themselves. With the outfit idea above, the concept is bright yet simple! You can pair a simple necklace and bracelet on wrist, nothing too fancy and not to mention, a bright colored timepiece together with the outfit above. NATbyJ First Love 0603 Collection is the perfect piece to complete your outfit and a day out at London during Summer! With its striking yellow genuine leather strap and a dainty looking watch dial, it complements the outfit perfectly and also, it creates another reason for people to turn their heads just for you.

The outfit idea and concept above would guarantee that you’d look good and bright all day long, well-dressed enough to enter even posh restaurants, not to mention about looking picture perfect as well! The NATbyJ First Love 0603 would be your perfect companion while touring around London be it for a holiday or on a work or school trip! Click HERE for more details for the watch!

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