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There have been so many debates on who is the greatest person of all time on Earth, what is your take on this? I would say, my mother is the greatest person of all time. Nothing, and no one, can beat the pain a woman has to go through for 9 to 10 months just to give birth to their child. From the first trimester all the way to the third trimester, from a young lady with hot curves, to a haggard looking woman carrying a big bump at the front, from having perfect skin to having visibly ugly stretch marks on their stomach. The sacrifices a mother has to make more often than not, surpasses what a normal person would imagine.

Today, we start our celebration for Mother’s Day together with you, be it a single lady or a beautiful mother of 3! We believe every woman is beautiful in their own way and in their own skin no matter how much it has changed after conceiving a baby. We want to encourage every woman out there to stay confident, true to themselves, and never forget to always shower themselves with love even after a long day of hard work be it at home, or outside in the corporate world. There are so many different types of woman, families as well as upbringing out there. So, what would be the defining factor for a woman to be a “Good Mum”?

Personally, I feel that one of the most important quality a mother should have is to always be a good role model to her child. One thing to keep in mind is that the apple does not fall far from the tree, and that a child is constantly looking to learn and imitate every possible thing that their parents may be doing. As a mother, aside from wanting her child to grow up healthy and strong, it is also important to have morals and to grow to be kind. A child has the ability to learn and pick things up really quickly when they are still a child and growing, hence, show them how to behave because you cannot expect them to do things that even you are not capable of doing.

NATbyJ First Love 0603

The First Love 0603 is a piece that would bring any mother back to their younger days when they just encountered their first love. The flower language of a Daffodil is rebirth and new beginnings. We want all mothers and ladies to feel reborn and refreshed on this special occasion. The dial of the watch has tiny pearls on Daffodil flower bouquet on it and it is paired with a yellow genuine leather strap, just like the color of Daffodil flower.

Every mother is strong and beautiful in their own way. This Mother’s Day, we can to introduce you to one of our best sellers, the NATbyJ First Love 0603 Collection. The First Love Collection wants to remind every mother out there that love is undefined yet is what defines us. We decide who we are and want to be, we are the ones defining ourselves, not anyone else, not our husband nor our children. This Mother’s Day, do whatever that makes you the happiest. Be it dressing up at home to look and feel good, be it down in your sweats or pajamas!

Here’s to all beautiful ladies and Mother out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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