The Latest Craze in Wrist Candy from NATbyJ

The usual watches too cliché for you? Well, NATbyJ is changing up the game with our innovative designs.

NATbyJ Dazzle 0207 watch collection lifestyle 107

NATbyJ features unique watch faces that are different from what is in the market. Some of NATbyJ’s collections currently available on our online store ( include Dazzle, with a shining textured dial. The dial is filled with sparkling crystal dust that reminds one of fairy dust to create that magical effect, adding dimension and grandeur. The dial is completed with a unique printed flower with each colour rendition of the watch.


NATbyJ First Love 0605 watch collection lifestyle 112

First Love, with printed flowers and pearl accents give a touch of luxury and femininity. Similar to the Dazzle collection, each different colour variation of the watch has its own unique flower, curated to complement the colour of the watch’s strap and made for a meticulously thought out piece.



NATbyJ Freedom 0703 watch collection lifestyle 111

The Freedom collection is a reminder of yearning for carefree and youthful days. Hence it is apt that the timepiece has a marbled dial and a dainty feather floating on the side.  Each colour of the feather has been carefully paired with the colour of the marble and the strap to form the perfect wrist accessory.


NATbyJ Unpretentious 0106 watch collection lifestyle 135

Last but not least, Unpretentious is a minimalist piece with a leather embossed dial to create the hour markers. Simple, classic and elegant, this timepiece is still a show stopper. Although simpler than the other collections, Unpretentious is a staple piece that works well for anyone. You don’t want to miss out on this collection.

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