Types of Zoom Date

Dating during a pandemic seems totally possible with all the video chat options like Zoom, FaceTime and Google Hangouts. So what does your date in quarantine look like? Maybe you sit through a 2 hours drink chat session or watch Harry Potter. You totally need to SPICE UP your virtual date, and we have you covered!

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1. Cook up a meal together

For couples who love challenges, pick up a recipe that you have never tried before and get ready for showdown in the kitchen. If you guys love to spend more quality time together and conquer preparing a dish, pick up a simple recipe that both you would enjoy and can prepare at the same time. Don’t forget to send the recipe in advance to buy the right ingredients!

*Recommendation by NATbyJ

  • (Easy) 15-min Tomato Pasta - Skip making the sauce yourself and grab a jar of ready-made tomato sauce from the supermarket!
  • (Medium) Cottage Pie or Shepherd's Pie - The only tiring part is mashing the potatoes!
  • (Hard) Molten Lava Cakes - You need perfect control from inside-out, outside of the cake have to be cooked and yet maintaining the gooey liquid center oozing out chocolate lava!
  • (Hard) Egg Benedict - Yes, it’s just eggs but perfecting this egg dish is all about timing!

2. Play online escape rooms together

My favorite weekend activity is visiting the Escape Rooms in malls. Who doesn’t love to pretend to be a detective solving a murder mystery. Now it’s your chance to solve mysteries from an escape game in the comfort of your own home. Goooo start finding your clues now!

3. Attend an online workout class together

Need to move but don’t feel motivation? Then workout together and get sweaty! Change into your active wear (or your most comfy pajamas), pick a workout from Youtube and get ready to twerk together.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite workout below:


  • POPSUGAR Fitness (Free on Youtube)
  • Solidcore (Free on Instagram)
  • Peloton (Free on Youtube)

4. Play an online game together

Houseparty is the most recognised app where you can video-chat with your friends plus play games at the same time, such as Trivia, Heads Up and Quick Draw - they’re all very fun! However, if both of you own a gaming console like Nintendo Switch or PlayStation, you could play a number of our favorite games including Animal Crossing (we cannot stop playing!), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Just Dance and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

5. Ask 36 Questions (by Arthur Aron)

There’s no better way to know someone than asking them personal QUESTIONS! Based on a study by Psychologist Arthur Aron, the 36 questions are created to boost intimacy (or bond) between strangers, friends or even married couples - the more you ask, it will become more personal and intense. So, take this time and make your relationships better!

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