Winter in Munich

Munich, the capital known to have centuries-old buildings and numerous museums, is also popular for hosting annual Oktoberfest celebration. Munich is more than just Oktoberfest and museum; they have many interesting events such as Christmas Market where the opportunity to interact with the locals is widely created and there is a lot of food offered in the stalls as well. There are gingerbreads, nuts, fruits, wines, handicrafts and even live music! So during Christmas, head to the old town to soak in some nostalgia while keeping it interesting with that annual Christmas market! If the market isn’t your kind of thing, they have Christmas Trams as well. The trams are decorated such that it emits the happy Christmas atmosphere, and the tram also offers delicious delicacies with wine, paired with beautiful carols to make the entire train ride memorable and chill to be in for everyone in the family.

The winter season in Munich starts from December and looks to end in around February, with the temperature dropping to as low as -3 Degree Celsius to 5 Degree Celsius being the highest. This means that it is very important to pack the correct clothing mean for a winter country to prevent frostbites or falling sick while travelling!


It is very important to be wearing layers after layers in a winter country with the temperature dipping below 0 Degree Celsius. In a snowy country like Munich, boots or our favorite brand of warm boots, UGGS, are often seen on the streets as they cover a good portion of your body and ensures that you keep yourself warm and safe from the frosty wind! Ideally those snow boots will also have some water proofing so that your feet does not get wet from melted snow and freeze up if temperature drops.  A safe colour boot or UGGS to get would be a brown colour one because it is such a neutral colour that would pretty much go well with most outfits! Jeans or long pants is a must in our outfit because where else and how else would we protect our precious thighs and legs! As for top, it is always safe to wear a heat-tech in, then wear a turtleneck or a sweater over it so you get the basic level of cover anyone would need. However, if the temperature really dips at night, then you can feel free to explore long thick coats to keep yourself warm.

For coats, if you’d like to keep it for a long time and use it for many occasions, it is always safer to get a neutral colour because neutral colors complement other colors so well. If your body is naturally weaker to the cold, mittens can be good investments as well because there may be days where the temperature is so cold that your fingers would tremble unknowingly. For additional cute factor and shield against the snow, you can purchase a beanie as well and it will fall perfectly into your winter outfit!


However, despite all the important colors to note above, it is also important to always take note of the time and NATbyJ is here to remind you the importance of it! Hand phone batteries in winter do not last long, so forget about depending on your phone to tell time. Stick to a classic watch that helps you read time quickly in that thick snow and yet look cute! For this look, the best watch to go with it would be the NATbyJ Unpretentious 0107 Watch Collection because the concept and color of the watch is generally very simple, no extra gimmicks. The general concept for this is minimalist, where the details of the watch is really kept to a bare minimum and clean for the consumers. The Unpretentious 0107 watch has embossed hour markers on it and paired with a baby pink strap to complete the overall cute factor on the product.

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