World Mental Health Day

The global pandemic has caused many to feel an increase in stress levels which can affect our mental health. Here are 5 solutions to some questions you may have that can help you overcome and manage these stressors in life!

Qn: What can we do to stay connected with our loved ones during this pandemic?

Video calling is slowly becoming the norm ever since the pandemic happened, hence, the most preferred and safest way to keep in touch with your loved ones would be through video calling. We strongly recommend getting a noise cancelling headphone as it helps to elevate your video calling experience.

Qn: What are some effective stress relief methods?

Exercising is a powerful stress reliever as it pumps up your endorphins level which makes you feel confident and less stressed. When you look good, you feel good, thus we recommend getting a few workout outfits to act as a motivator!

Qn: What are some of the activities I can do?

Reading can be used as an escape from reality and let your imagination run wild. There’s a large variety of genres for you to choose from!
We recommend getting these 3 books:
(1) I Give It A Year - Helen Whitaker
(2) The Downstairs Neighbour - Helen Cooper
(3) One Last Stop - Casey McQuistion

Qn: What can I do to take care of myself?

Retail therapy is our go-to when it comes to self-care! Get something functional and can be an accessory to spice up any outfit, like a watch. We recommend NATbyJ’s Stargaze Collection - the one who never fails to shine through.

Qn: What can I do to better myself during this period?

Picking up a new hobby that requires growth in various areas be it physical, mental or emotional can help you be the better version of yourself! Do check out our other blogs for some hobbies you can consider picking up as well as things you can do for yourself!

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