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Gorgeous @fashionablysurfed is wearing our NATbyJ First Love 0607 Collection in Pink ❤

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Allysa and I am a full time content creator in San Diego, CA. I partner with brands to share their products and create content for them.

Tell us what inspires you or who are your inspirations in life?
I am always looking for inspiration. I am always inspired by female entrepreneurs and small biz owners. I love connecting with women who hustle. Pinterest is always a great place for content inspo too!

Tell us about your dreams for the future?
I’d love to continue to pursue thus career full time and continue to inspire people. I love connecting with my audience and sharing my daily life.

I would love to grow my small biz @shopsummerbuns as well. So many different opportunities I want to pursue.

What does ‘Unpretentious’ mean to you?
To me unpretentious describes someone or something that desires to be more modest and natural. They don’t like to be flashy or pretend to be something they are not. It’s more than your appearance.

What do you like about your NATbyJ watch?
I love how classy and versatile they are. They fit well and have such an aesthetic look. I personally love the thin strap on mind! It’s very comfortable!

What is the best outfit to match your NATbyJ watch?
Due to covid, I’ve been living in cozy outfits. I love sweatpants, a cozy sweater and adding my watch for a pop of color and fun!

What would you like to tell your followers?
I think it’s so important to be kind to people. You never know what they are going through so even smiling at a stranger can brighten their day. In terms of dreams & opportunities, you don’t get what you don’t ask for. If you want something, chase after it. Create your own dream life!

What is your hobby?
I love learning how to sew! During quarantine, I taught myself how to sew with a machine I have. I’ve been sewing scrunchies for my brand and I love it.

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