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NATbyJ is a Singapore-based accessories brand founded by Pamela Tan, who belongs to a 3rd generation of watch enthusiasts in the watch industry. The brand is built on the founder’s family history in the watch industry and is inspired by the influence her family has on her life.

The brand name itself, NATbyJ, is a direct reflection of these influences - comprised of a pseudonym of her family name, “NAT,” and her beloved family members whose names all start with the letter J.

Throughout history, watches and jewelry have consistently been closely associated, hence venturing into the jewelry market is a natural evolution for NATbyJ and represents a progression in the founder’s life.

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When Pamela first entered the accessories business more than 10 years ago, she always wanted to design her own line of accessories that reflects her personality and style as a woman at different stages of her life. Together, with the idea to provide beautifully well-crafted pieces for women of all ages and for all occasions at an affordable pricing yet don't compromise on style and comfort.

After years of industry knowledge and the enthusiasm of a startup, she finally decided to use her experience to launch her own label that reflects her style and pays homage to her family’s legacy - NATbyJ.