10 Best Gifts for Siblings 2022

Siblings, they annoy you,
but they are always there for you!
Celebrate National Siblings Day with NatbyJ,
with 10 gift ideas for your sibling!

1. Nintendo Switch (For the restless sibling)
What better way to bond with your siblings than playing games together! With 2 controllers for multiplayer games such as Overcooked and Mario Kart, a Nintendo Switch is the perfect present to bond over.

Credit: Nintendo.com

2. Mechanical Keyboard (For the brainy sibling)
Making your own mechanical keyboard is all the rage right now! Customisable keycaps to show off your personality, with a variety of layouts and designs to choose from for functionality. For beginners, we recommend KBDFans and KPRepublic to get your tools and accessories to make your first mechanical keyboard!

Credit: Design-Milk.com

3. NatbyJ Watch (For the busy sibling)
Nothing is more practical than a watch! For the sibling that is always busy, a watch will be a thoughtful gift. Gift them the Stargaze Collection to remind your sibling that they are yours!

Credit: @natbyj

4. Nalgene Bottle/Hydroflask (For the dehydrated sibling)
Water bottles are essential in this hot weather in Singapore. Nalgene 1L bottles come in a variety of colours and caps, so there is bound to be something for everyone!

Credit: @nalgene

5. Plushie (For the little sibling)
Another cute toy to add to your collection :) Plushies to cheer your sibling up when they are sad and need to hug something instead of you. Miniso’s variety of plush toys that are soft and not hard on the wallet!

Credit: Miniso

6. Desserts (For the foodie sibling)
What better way to bond with your sibling than over food, specifically desserts! Treat your siblings with this decadent cheese tart from Queic Cafe by Olivia Restaurant. Sharing sweets is one way to make others smile!


7. Tote Bags (For the hardworking sibling)
For the sibling that is working hard studying, a tote bag will be great! The tote can fit both worksheets, notebooks, and laptops to bring to school, all while staying trendy.

Credit: cottonon.com

8. Caps (For the sporty sibling)
Practical and stylish, caps are great to shield you from the sun, to covering your brother’s bald head from NS :) Match your caps with your siblings on your family hikes!

Credit: nike.com

9. Shoes (For the sneakerhead sibling)
Shoes are a universal gift, perfect for anyone. Cop a pair of sneakers to give your siblings, from Converse to Nike Blazers to complete that outfit!

Credit: Nike Blazers

10. Blue light glasses (For the game-obsessed OR studious sibling)
Does your sibling spend too much time on their computer studying (or gaming)? Gift them a pair of blue light glasses to protect and reduce strain on their eyes!

Credit: Score.org

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