5 Beach Outfits Ideas 2021

Summer is here and we are all about the beach, the sun, cocktails, and having a blast! Here are 5 outfits you can wear to spice up your #OOTD!

1. Nude Onepiece Swimsuit

Opt for the minimalist look and find the perfect shade of nude to compliment your skin’s natural beauty

2. One Shoulder Bikini (Toga Top)

One Shoulder tops are in trend right now so why not make it more beach-friendly? Go for the One Shoulder Bikini and wear it with style!

3. White Button Down (Boyfriend Blouse)

If you are too shy to show off your body, you can prepare a white button-down for cover-up. Not only will you be fashionable, but you will also feel more safe and confident!

4. White Ribbed Top and Sarong

If you just want to go to the beach for the fun of it and don’t want to show too much skin, you can recreate this cute outfit that screams tropical vibes with a pop of colour from the sarong will make you stand out from the rest.

5. Monochrome Two Piece

If you are going for a dinner date after your beach run, you can opt for this monochromatic two-piece that compliments your tanned skin after a day at the beach. You can also choose to pair it with a timepiece, our choice is the Unity collection from NATbyJ!

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By NATbyJ - www.natbyj.com

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