Autumn Essentials 2022

Autumn is finally here!
Time to bundle up and see the beautiful fall foliage with your loved ones.
These are NatbyJ’s autumn essentials for 2022.

1. A Bold Scarf
Start your perfect autumn outfit with a bright and bold scarf! Minimalism is over, now is the time to express your style with bold colours and patterns!

2. Blazer

Another essential for autumn fashion is a classic blazer to match the weather. Perfect for rain but still stylish!

Credit: Pinterest

3. Boots

Now that it’s getting colder, opt for a pair of boots to strut down the streets! Leather-clad boots, high heeled boots, or even doc martens, all of which are suitable for the autumnal weather :)

Credit: @holafashion

4. Watch

Time for accessories! An outfit is not complete without a watch. Dark colors like brown match with many autumn styles, which includes NatbyJ’s First Love Collection, with dark brown authentic leather strap, and stainless steel bracelet!

NATbyJ First Love 0605 Watch (Leather Strap)
NATbyJ First Love 0603M Watch (Stainless Steel Bracelet)

5. Leather Handbags

Following along a darker and formal style for this autumn, leather paired with the popular handbag style will definitely be an essential to your autumn capsule wardrobe in 2022!

Credit: Pinterest

6. Lip Balm

With the seasons getting colder, lip balm is a must to ensure that your lips are smooth and shiny, not chapped!! Glossier’s Balm Dotcom comes in a wide range of flavors, from fragrance-free to rose and even cookie butter!

Credit: Ellis Tuesday

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