Autumn fashion with NATbyJ

With the days counting down to autumn, we have to start getting ready our stash of light knit sweaters and scarves. No matter where you are from, autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The crunch of the orange and red leaves that carpet the parks and streets. The numerous walks you can take in the cold and fresh air while the sun beams and sets the most beautiful light. Everything about this time of year is just sheer beauty. However, one of the most fun things to do is to dress for the season.

 NATbyJ FIRST LOVE 0605 COLLECTION autumn look

My biggest tip for looking great this autumn is to layer up! Fall is the time to put together fun layering combinations,

  • A knit sweater over a plaid shirt, a long vest over a dress, or tights under a summer dress.
  • Add a fabulous scarf and jacket and you have the perfect autumn outfit.
  • Is the fear of rain coming along and ruining a look? Well a hat can fix that! Or do you need something with a hood?

Most importantly, dressing in a color palette according to Autumn is key ! The truly autumnal shades are s mixture of deep, creamy yellows like Butterscotch, along with soft, nutty browns like Sugar Almond and Hazel you could even opt for rich reds. Here’s a colour guide to stick to, it’s the ultimate cheat to Autumn fashion!

Colour palette for Autumn

And with this scheme, the best watch that will go perfectly with any autumn look is the NATbyJ First Love 0605 collection! See more HERE



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