Beautiful Autumn in China - Shanghai

Shanghai is the biggest city and a global financial centre on the China’s central coast. It is a famous international metropolis that is getting increasingly popular among people from all over the world. People find Shanghai the perfect blend of cultures, with modern and the traditional, western and the oriental. Not only that, Shanghai has such beautiful skyscrapers that draws across the skyline of the city that people can’t help but to stop walking for a moment to gaze at the blinding scenery that sits in front of their eyes. Shanghai is the best city to be in with their restaurants being the finest in the country, offering food from different cities and province like Beijing, Hunan, Guangzhou and many more.

Autumn in Shanghai falls around the September to November period, with temperature ranging from 9 Degree to 27 Degree so be sure to dress more and cover up to prevent from catching a cold! One of the must-sees at Shanghai ais The Bund, the city’s famous boardwalk with buildings and modern architectures, particularly at 6PM to 10PM where the lights shine the brightest and brings out the life of the beautiful skyline! If you would like a more extraordinary experience, you could opt for a 45 minutes Huangpu River Cruise which costs about S$20 and you’d get a closer look at the mesmerizing view of the city’s famous skyline including the Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Tower and The Bund!

Almost every ladies dream is to visit Disneyland at least once, regardless of the location of the theme park and Shanghai Disneyland is one place not to be missed! Disneyland is also known as the ‘happiest place on Earth’ and the one at Shanghai holds seven different themed zones to it! With all these fantastic places to visit, what kind of outfit would suit the locations the best? Let NATbyJ help you with it!

We all know how windy and cooling Autumn can be, so it is always important to dress up and keep yourself covered and warm. Coats are rising in popularity and it is so easy to style them your usual clothing. You could wear a basic white top with jeans, throw a long coat on and you’re good to go! But here with us, we want to look cute, and we want you to look cute with us so we will do a little more than basics! Visiting a country in its Autumn or Winter, you could try throwing on a turtleneck pullover with a pair of dark blue denim skinnies and end off with a short stiletto shoes for that sexy and cute look. To give yourself the extra boost, throw on a coat that is in contrast to the colour of your top so that every single piece of clothing on you would stand out due to the contrast in colour!


Lastly, it is important to choose the perfect bag to bring along the trip because you won’t want to be holding onto a heavy bag throughout the day. The overall concept of the look is simple yet classy, so the turn-lock tote bag in black would complement the outfit really well as it is unlike a young girly crossbody or sling bag to hold. With the belt across the turn-lock, it resembles the Hermès Kelly bag and it is bound to attract the attention of many! Shakespeare once said, ‘Clothes make the man’, and here we are bringing out the entire classiness kept deep in your soul.


A true classy lady would always keep track of time and with every outfit, we will need a watch that complements and perfect the outfit. Choosing the right watch is very important because it acts as the cherry on top of every ladies’ outfit. Since our outfit is based on neutral colours, we should stick to the end of it but too neutral may bore people out. Hence, the NATbyJ First Love 0601 would be the best fit for this!

It is a simple watch with exquisite details on the dial. The dial features tiny pearls on the daisy flower bouquet sign which gives off a dainty feminine vibe to the wearer of the watch. It is paired with a black genuine leather strap, finishing the timepiece with a classic touch that is suitable for any occasion, any where at any time. Click here for more details on the NATbyJ First Love Watch Collection!

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