Best Gifts for Every Type of Woman

It’s the end of the year and it’s time to think about what to buy for your girlfriend/wife again. NatbyJ is here to help!

Gift ideas for every type of woman in your life!

1. The Stylish One

Does she like to express herself through her outfits and enjoys thinking about what to wear next? A simple necklace would be perfect to go with her fashionista self! By Invite Only offers a range of minimalistic jewelry for her.

Credit: By Invite Only

2. The Practical One

She hates flowers because they will die? Get her something that lasts forever! A NatbyJ timepiece is a perfect gift, with rose gold casebacks, authentic leather straps, and many designs to choose from!

NATbyJ Unity 0807 Watch

3. The Homebody

For the one that likes to stay in, watching Netflix at home or even just relaxing, a comfy space is important. A beanbag chair is a perfect vessel to binge the next K-drama or thriller movie!

Credit: HOOGA

4. The Active One

Has she been eyeing that set from Lululemon? Activewear is the perfect gift for the girl that loves her morning spin classes and evening runs!

Credit: Yahoo News

5. The Tired One

Has she been stressed out or burnt out from work and school? For the tired one, a warm relaxing cup of tea is the right way to go. T2 Tea offers a variety of teapots and tea blends for her!

Credit: T2 Tea

6. The Sentimental One

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Bring her to the trendy self-photo studios to take pictures and make memories that last forever!


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