Best way to dress for Milan in Autumn!

Milan is a metropolis in Italy’s northern region and is a global capital of fashion and design. Not only that, Milan also has many beautiful architectures that is worth paying a visit. One of the most beautiful building in Milan would be the Central Station, otherwise known as the Milano Centrale. It is not your usual train station; it is a station adorned with sculptures of winged horses, lions, bulls and eagles on its roof. It is a beautiful place for tourists to take their photos in and it would act as a great keepsake. Another thing that you absolutely cannot miss would be the Milan Fashion Week where it falls in the first few weeks of September! Although the actual shows are often kept off-limits to tourists, or would be sold out way before the show, the entire occasion radiates energy throughout the city. This is why many people would visit Milan in its Autumn season which lies from the September to November.

Autumn would be a cooling season to travel, with the temperature ranging from as low as 6 Degree Celsius to 24 Degree Celsius. While you want to keep yourself warm, you don’t want to look too tacky or underdressed in a capital of fashion, especially on its famous fashion week. Coco Chanel once said, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” So, you can be rest assured that this dress would be more than enough for you to make a statement wherever you go.

The Little Black Dress with frills at the bottom and frilly puff as the sleeves gives off a girly, princess-y and elegant look, which is a perfect look for a country like Milan! On chillier days, you can put on a light blue denim jacket and you will still look flawless! To add on to this look, you can put on simple silver or white gold necklace or accessory to get a classy vibe.



For shoes, it would be perfect to land yourself a pair of black strappy patent heels. With a full black outfit, asides from emitting the classy vibes to the surrounding, you also have a shroud of mystery around you because black is such an amazing colour capable of giving out so many different auras. If you’re not a heels person, a simple white trainer would also suffice, giving off a young cutesy vibe to it.

Lastly, with NATbyJ, we always need to seal the deal with a trusty watch that could last us for a long time and versatile. Since the theme colour here is an all-black, we would want something to stand out, preferably an arm accessory. With that, there is no other watch than our NATbyJ Freedom 0703 Watch Collection!

It is a watch with a unique blue marble-effect dial, with a light flowing feather imprinted on it. It signifies freedom and a confident person. It is paired with a baby blue genuine leather strap to further show how this watch is all about freedom, with the blue resembling the clear skies. With the baby blue against the all-black outfit, it will bring the watch to the attention of many since it is a contrast against the outfit colour. For more details on the watch, you can click here for more information!

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