Brightest of all - Leo

Leo – the Lion in the Cave. As many may know that Lion is the epitome of bravery, fearless and always up for challenges, same goes for a Leo. Just like a Lion, Leos are dominant and confident individuals who are hungry to lead. Although they may get a little dramatic, they’re mostly generous and really warm-hearted to the people around them. The Sun is the Ruler of Leos, and people of the Sun sign usually has the ability to unite different groups of people and leading them towards one common goal effortlessly. Asides from being a natural born leader with strong abilities to lead, Leos are also good at collaborating with other people with ease due to their strong healthy sense of humor that grabs peoples’ heart at ease. No matter how strong of a Leo may be, do not neglect the fact that they too, long for companionship and needs comfort in desperate times. Leos know the importance of treating people with respect, never raising their voice at them.

Our very own NATbyJ Unpretentious 0102 Collection is a piece designed for dominant Leo ladies. We want the ladies of today to know that there are no limits to who you want to be, and that other people shouldn’t define who you are as a person. A Leo doesn’t deal with sly gimmicks and would usually go straight to the point, just like the name of our timepiece. The concept of this watch is minimalism, where what you see is what you get, and it is Unpretentious. This watch is paired with a beautiful blue genuine leather strap that would go well from everyday outfits, to working formals. Get your unique piece of Unpretentious 0102 from NATbyJ today!

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