Cancer - The Loyal brave Crab Sign

Cancer, the sign of the Brave Crab was sent to Earth due to something that they strongly believe in only to fight with someone stronger than them. One of the flaws of a Cancer is that more often than not, they may overestimate their strength and find themselves in an endangered position. Cancers knows where they are going, although most of the time it is in the wrong direction, but Cancers somehow can only learn things the hard way. Albeit being so rash of a sign, a Cancer friend is someone that you should never give up on due to the loyalty they have to offer. It doesn’t matter whether or not they have the power to win a fight, but their desire to protect their friends surpasses the importance of anything else.

Cancers, although act rashly, they are deeply intuitive and sentimental. It is as though they’re a person with a strong appearance, but deep inside they’re like a baby who is soft and scared of many things in life. Friends are the motivation and drive to a Cancer because they would do anything in their abilities just for their friends, which is why Cancers are really precious souls to keep close to our heart.

When I first saw NATbyJ’s First Love 0607 Collection, it instantly struck me as to how this timepiece would go so well with a Cancer lady. Beautiful appearance with a dainty heart on the inside. This watch dial has tine pearls on top of the Sakura flower bouquet, and it is paired with pink genuine leather strap and with an IP-plated rose gold case! There is no other piece that could define a Cancer lady as well as this pink beauty can, so get your piece of NATbyJ today!


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