Christmas Gifts for Her 2020

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but finding the perfect gift is a struggle, especially when you have tons of friends and family to buy presents for. Instead of giving them the same boring gifts every year, let us give you some inspiration for your next present!


1. Cuddle Toy from Jellycat (Stuffed Toy)

Who doesn't love a super-soft, cute and cuddly toy? And this is the perfect way to remind someone of your love for them! But where can you buy soft toys without looking too immature? We would recommend Jellycat being the perfect gift for all ages - they carry a wide selection of plush toys that are unique and huggable, with each plush coming in different sizes and colours!

Top Picks for Jellycat:

  • Bashful Silver Bunny
  • Smudge Rabbit
  • Bashful Dino


    2. Makeup Gift Sets from Sephora

    We love shopping at Sephora because they are always stocked on the latest beauty products. Especially during the holiday season, Sephora would come up with countless holiday collections to limited edition makeup gift sets that are inexpensive!

    *Alternatively, you can get them a Sephora gift card if you really cannot decide!

    3. Accessories from NATbyJ

    Most women love to receive accessories as a gift especially one with a sentimental value. Giving your loved one a watch creates that sentimental value and reminds them of your love every day. It is a timeless gift. At NATbyJ, each timepiece is uniquely designed and inspired by the different stages of womanhood. To add a special touch to your NATbyJ timepiece, we offer complimentary engraving services to help you remember that special occasion.

    NATbyJ Unpretentious 0105 Watch - features detailed stitching on the genuine leather strap and an IP-plated rose gold casing


    4. Tea from T2

    Did you know that tea is the second most consumed beverage after water? Tea makes a great Christmas gift, especially with a huge variety of flavors and health benefits. For Christmas, T2 has come out with Tea Bag Advent Calendar which comprises 24 different tea flavours to be consumed daily. This is a great way to bond with your loved ones by trying different flavours.

    Top Picks for T2 Flavors:

    • French Earl Grey
    • Melbourne Breakfast
    • New York Breakfast
    • Just Peppermint


    5. Candles for Holiday Seasons

    From refreshing peppermint to woody fresh pine scented candles, we’ve picked a few of our favorite scents that smell just like a Christmas morning - warm and comforting!

    • Feu De Bois / Wood Fire Candle from Diptyque
    • Pomegranate Noir Home Candle from Jo Malone
    • Jewish Christmas Candle from Homesick
    • Balsam & Cedar from Yankee Candle


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