Feisty feisty Scorpios!

Scorpio-born are enthusiastic and assertive people. They take pride in themselves and the things they do and wouldn’t stop until they find out the truth that they desire. Scorpios has high awareness of themselves and their surroundings and make a good leader since they have relatively high observational skills. Although Pluto is no longer a planet, the Ruler of Scorpios is still Pluto in the astrological readings. Pluto is the ruler of all destructive choices and taboos, resonating with Scorpios which is the sign of sex and war. A Scorpio lady is brave, stubborn yet loyal and true and here at NATbyJ, we want to empower women and encourage more women to live like a Scorpio lady, taking pride in everything that they do and to always remain brave and kind.


Bringing to you the Unpretentious 0105 Collection. With the unpretentious collection, we want to let women from all around the world know that there are no limits to who they want to be. When faced with potential rejections or jeers from the by passers, pay no heed to them and stay true to themselves, chase what they truly want and press on to see the end of it. This watch screams minimalism with no extra gimmicks, living true to the Unpretentious collection name. One of Scorpios’ lucky colour is Rust, which is a red-orange-brown mixed color and our Unpretentious 0105 falls perfectly into that lucky colour. This watch features embossed hour markets on a white leather dial, paired with brown genuine leather strap with an IP-plated rose gold casing. A good watch brings people far in life, but our NATbyJ Unpretentious watch would bring a Scorpio lady to the end of the world.

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