Have a Happy Mother's Day with NATbyJ!

My mother painstakingly endured 9-10 months of pain and weight-gain, risked her own life by delivering me out from a small opening from her body. I simply cannot express my gratitude enough. My dearest mother is strong, both mentally and physically. This Mother’s Day, I want to show more appreciation to my mother, who has never given up me despite all the fights we had, all the times I have rebelled and all the hurtful words that I may have hurled at her.

One of the most unaskable traits of a Mother would be unconditional love and forgiveness. As parents, it takes a lot of grace and understanding in order to extend it to their kids, or even to others. After giving birth to a child or children, some parents may find themselves neglecting the marriage because they would place their children as their top priority and neglect their spouse. However, that is nowhere near the truth! Let us take the start of a new decade and especially during these challenging times, to be more thankful, show appreciation and gratitude to the people around us and our family, to be more empathetic, spread more love and positivity.

A mother does not lose her status as a woman just because she gave birth, and she still deserves every happiness that exists in the world. While our mothers are giving us unconditional love every time, let us remember to return this same love to them.  Here at NATbyJ, the special occasions of Mother and Father’s Day encourages us to celebrate and spend more time with our parents despite the challenges faced amidst Covid-19 or everyone’s busy schedule.

With the First Love 0605 Collection, it is what every Mother and lady out there deserves. Love is what defines us as a human being as it defines our personality and how we react to any situation. The concept of the watch is relatively simple, with tiny pearls stuck onto a dainty Stephanotis flower bouquet design and it is paired with a brown genuine leather strap with an IP-plated rose. In the Victorian language of flowers, a Stephanotis represents marital happiness and in modern flower symbolism, it represents ‘good fortune’.

With this timepiece, we want to encourage mothers from all around the world to love themselves amidst their busy schedule of taking care of the family needs. There is a wise saying that goes, loving yourself and your husband is equally important because only under a loving environment, can a child grow up well and grow to be as loving.

Thank you to all beautiful mothers who have been through so much just to give life to each of us! You are honestly the greatest being and nothing could defeat that. We love you, and here’s to a Happy Mother’s Day!

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