How to Survive a Music Fest with NATbyJ

Dust off your flower crowns and get ready to rave — Music Fest season is officially in swing. There are many Music Fest around the world and Coachella is one of biggest festival of the year which marks the start of summer parties and you do not want to miss it! But to immerse in the rave, you need to be prepared for three days of partying in 100+ degree weather. Here are 9 Music Festivals tips to keep you going all weekend by NATbyJ:

Rave party


  1. Drink water: People are usually so excited about their first weekend at a Music Fest that they forget to drink water! Remember to drink a bottle of water every 2 hours.
  1. Wear Sun block: The sunshine and warm weather is what makes Music Fest so much fun. But if your forget sunscreen, your days will get more miserable with burnt skin. Lather up!
  1. Comfortable attire: You will be on your feet for at least 13 hours a day so remember to wear something comfy! Deserts get very cold in the evening, soo remember to bring something warm and cozy to layer up! Comfortable does not mean you cannot be fashionable and don't forget to pair it with a watch from NATbyJ
  1. Save your phone’s battery: It’s extremely frustrating to lose your group of friends and discover that your cell phone is dead. There are no charging stations in the festival ground, so, turn off your wi-fi, bluetooth and data. Forget about the Instagram and photos.Enjoy the music and have FUN! In addition, use a NATbyJ watch to keep track of the time for the different performances.
  1. Print out the set list  Dont waste time searching for the set list pamphlet. Print out the performance times before you arrive and proper planning helps to maximize your time. Remember to factor in time to traveling from one stage to another! Time management is key so have a trendy watch from NATbyJ on your wrist at all times.
  1. Affirmative text or use a walkie talkie: Cell phone reception at Music Fest is bad because there are just too many people. Text an affirmative statement like “meet at the back of the Ferris wheel at 5:00pm.” so that your friend has time to react. Alternatively, you could invest in a few walkie talkies for fun and functionality.
  1. Wear earplugs: The music is terribly loud and could cause permanent damage to you. Wear ear protection at Music Fest to bring down the volume to a safe level which allows you to enjoy the music 
  1. Leave early for the festival If you’re staying at a hotel or Airbnb as opposed to camping, make sure to leave for the festival very early as traffic can be bad! Keep track of time with your NATbyJ watch   9. Accessorize with a great watch A good watch to keep track of time to meet friends or watch a performance is key. NATbyJ Dazzle 0209 collection is suitable as a functional purpose as well as a fashionable design for this Music Fest season. The sparkling crystal dial coupled with the blaring sun, this timepiece will dazzle amongst the crowd. The pink tones are also a perfect fit to the flowery summer boho vibe at a Music Fest. The NATbyJ timepiece is not just a brilliant accessory but also a functional timepiece much needed for your first Music Fest.

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