Mother’s Day Edition: Gifts for every type of mother

Still not sure what to get for your dear mother?
Here are some gift ideas for each type of mummy!

1. For sentimental mums: A homemade scrapbook/video

A reel or scrapbook filled with your cherished moments together, from baby pictures to key milestones in your life! This thoughtful gift will definitely bring her to tears!


2. For working mums: Hot Flask Bottle

Help your mummy save the earth while getting their coffee fixed by gifting them a hot flask bottle! Starbucks flasks come in all sorts of colours and designs to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences.


3. For stylish mums: A pair of classic white sneakers

For the mummy that loves to dress up, a pair of classic white sneakers can never go wrong. Matching every outfit, your mum will be the star of the show! Superga never goes wrong with their simple sneaker cutting and variety of muted tones.

Credit: AsiaOne

4. For young mums

Busy taking care of their newborn and studying is not easy! A NatbyJ watch is a perfect gift for these young mummies. A beautiful floral design and authentic leather strap are a must when styling out outfits to match with the little one!

NATbyJ Dream 0309 Watch

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