NATbyJ 2020 New Year's resolution - Be punctual with fuss free Unpretentious

Christmas is around the corner, it means year end is here and the start of 2020 is coming! Feeling a little bit of anxiety because 2019 just zoomed by? At NATbyJ, we have 4 New Year's resolution to share with you because we  want you to start the New Year right and with NATbyJ by your side.

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Our first New Year’s resolution is to be on time. As simple as it sounds, being punctual is a trait that most people struggle with it and is a reflection of one’s personality just like how each NATbyJ timepiece is a reflection of the wearer’s personal taste and preference. Being punctual is a reflection of your dependability and integrity. It can also build discipline and shows your respect for the other party. A simple, fuss-free watch from NATbyJ, such as the Unpretentious collection is the perfect watch for those who are determined to be punctual in 2020. The clean design makes it easy for one to tell time and always be on time for any appointment.

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Happy holidays!

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