NATbyJ Freedom Watch collection – A Girl’s Story for Independence

NATbyJ Freedom

The word ‘FREEDOM’ reminds me of my growing up days. Having grown up in a very traditional family and as the youngest daughter in the household, I was very sheltered. I was guided very closely by my parents on what needs to be done in life – study hard, do well in sports, be polite to elders, etc. All of these were important values but I was not independent. The only small measure of independence I had was I was allowed to go out after school but I had to be home for dinner.  However as I grew into my late teens and finished pre-college exams, I craved for that independence and it was hard to fight for it from protective parents. I remember going to a club once and by the time it hit 11.30pm, my dad had given my almost 40 missed calls on my phone. That killed my mood and I decided I should just head home. I only tasted this ‘Freedom’ when I started interning at an alcohol company during my university days and when I did an overseas study stint in Mexico. This was probably the first time my parents trusted me to be responsible with my life.

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The NATbyJ Freedom watch collection is a reminder of those days where I was fighting for independence. I believe my journey is typical of any girl growing up. Independence comes in different forms and at different ages.  

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A floating feather on the watch dial was chosen because when a feather floats, it moves about aimlessly and in a carefree manner. The lightness of a feather is also a symbol of being burden free. The dial has also been designed with a marble like texture to blend seamlessly with the feather so that the design of the feather is not too harsh. Marble also represents clarity, self-control and stability both physically and emotionally. It is a symbol of growing independent. The NATbyJ Freedom collection is a reflection of a person achieving independence.

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