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Unpretentious is a reminder of my rebellious stage. This was back in the all-girl high school where the school would promote ‘Daughters of a better age’, teaching the girls that we were special, we were strong in the mind and body. More importantly, we could do anything we set our minds to and excelled in it.

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This was the stage where I thought I was cool. The phase of life which I would voice out any opinion and not mince my words. The days when wearing shorts under a pinafore were considered liberation because we did not have to worry about what the opposite gender thought of us when we behaved like tomboys. After all what was there to be ashamed of, what was there to hide from, I felt that I could conquer the world.  NATbyJ Unpretentious watch 0107 0106 collection lifestyle 163

The NATbyJ Unpretentious watch collection is homage to the days where I felt that the sky was the limit. Everything felt stripped down to bear only the truth which is why this collection was kept clean. The dial is also made of leather as a symbol of rebellion to the norm. The indexes are specially embossed to leather to make it different from other watches that you find out there. Because there are just no limits to whom you want to be.

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I wanted to be different, I am different.

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