Ninth Astrological Sign - The Sagittarius

Sagittarius is known to be a sign that is all about optimism, enthusiasm and freedom. One of the many elements of fire is represented by Sagittarius, and fire elements are known to be aggressive, energetic and always true to itself. Sagittarius is almost like an advocate of positivity and optimism, and gains satisfaction from making their loved one’s smile. With their sign and character screaming for freedom and zero restrictions, there is no better symbol than a feather to represent a Sagittarius!

A watch is a statement of what and who you are as a person, hence there is no better piece than our Freedom 0703 Collection from NatbyJ. With a feather imprinted on a classic marble design of the dial of the watch, it screams simplicity and indefinite freedom, perfect for a Sagittarius lady. This dazzling timepiece is designed with a theme of blue in mind, where the imprinted feather and strap used for this piece is with blue, which is also meant to be a representative of the unconstrainted big blue skies. With a free mind like a Sagittarius, they may find themselves too engrossed in exploring the world while forgetting about time that is ticking by every second, this is where the timepiece comes in to remind a Sagittarius of the time to rest and back to reality.

A watch may be a statement and a frivolous accessory to many, but it is undeniable that it is an essential tool to keep people on track with their time and daily tasks to complete. Carry this watch with you and never forget your roots of wanting to be a free bird for as long as you live. The Freedom 0703 would be the perfect timepiece of the reflection of a Sagittarius’ personality of being unrestricted and free.

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