Part 2: The Best Dating Apps for Women

Whether you’re looking for your prince charming or just wanting to meet new friends at a cocktail bar or trendy cafe food, dating sites are created for connecting singles! And yes, there are tons of free dating apps to try but we don’t want you to feel burnout swiping right - Let us help you ladies to find the best dating apps and with juicy insights!


4. Happn
Believe love at first sight? Fancy someone from Spin class? Too shy to approach? Let Happn do the work for you - the app uses GPS to connect users who have crossed paths. You can secretly Like ❤️ them (or send a FlashNote if you want them to know). If he Like ❤️ back, you will get a Crush and can start a conversation!

Before you start Liking ❤️, you will start by answering 8 simple lifestyle questions such as what your exercise habits are, what best describes your cooking skills and your opinion on kids. Your answers will appear on your profile bio and if you’re lazy to craft something creative from scratch, this is the best app for you!

Rating: 5/10 (Happn is known for its “Cross paths with him near” but honestly I have not! The chances are higher to meet a stranger you have never cross path, so you should just muster up the courage to ask for their Instagram face-to-face)

5. Hinge
Using Hinge dating app is like browsing through an Ikea Catalogue or Vogue Magazine. It’s designed to be more “sophisticated” and engaging at the “intentional dating app experience” - we absolutely love it! (example image of the new profile design)

Hate to write a bio? Hinge provides tons of “Select a Prompt” where questions and examples of answers are given to guide you along!

Rating: 7/10 (Although we’re not very sure if the questions from prompt are really useful, but the design layout of the app is very aesthetic and engaging - something new from your usual swipe and pass)

6. Bumble
All-In-One app? Bumble is made for all kinds of connections, from finding your other half to connecting with people for a career change - you can unlock endless opportunities here. As compared to other dating apps, Bumble is the only dating app that requires the ladies to make the first move and this is to encourage equality from the start. We absolutely love it!

Bumble feels like a mixture of Hinge and Tinder, where you will get the famous Tinder left and right swipes, answering interesting Hinge prompt questions and the aesthetic design layout. You can also display your Instagram account and Spotify playlist on your Bumble profile - we’re told that people who have the same taste in music get along much better.

The most interesting thing about Bumble is the 24-hour window, both parties must first respond to the match within 24 hours otherwise the match is unsuccessful - remember time and tide waits for no man!

Rating: 8.5/10 (Bumble is a more comprehensive dating app which we totally see ourselves using often. Also kudos to Bumble for making their app safer and more inclusive such as no pictures in bikinis, no kids without guardians, no guns and to respect one another - Bumble is also LGBTQ+ friendly)!

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