Pink on, October!

October has been marked the official month for Breast Cancer Awareness movement. It aims to increase attention and support for the disease, as well as early encourage early detection and treatment for patients. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide regardless of the environment they’re in.

All the campaigns are organized in October, some of which are walks and runs, illumination of lights, painting of pinks wherever possible and decking themselves in pink clothing everywhere they go. In America, the National Football League has incorporated pink on and off the field in hopes to promote awareness of breast cancer to the audience. Comic strip artists also participate in this movement by using pink ONLY on one day in October.

As of today, there are many organizations and non-profit organizations promoting awareness for breast cancer and early detection. Asides from just organizations and hosting of walks, runs and events, there has also been a rise in fundraising for people who has fell victim to breast cancer.

Some people may find wearing pink too girlish for them or its too much of a bright color and it’ll attract many unwanted attentions, hence they choose not to wear it even though it is for a good cause. However, it is not as bad as it sounds because we want everyone to do it together! When one wears pink, it may look weird and odd but if the masses come together to all wear pink and promote breast cancer awareness together, it would be far from odd. From wearing pink undergarments, to hats, accessories, skirts, tops, shoes, socks, anything!

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